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Shannon DeVido, a women in a power wheelchair. She is smiling widely and is wearing a blue blouse. The back drop is dark. She has long dark blonde hair. She is facing the camera directly.

Shannon DeVido has been honored to perform on stage with TBTB in the "Parts" series (Some of Our Parts, More of Our Parts, & Still More of Our Parts). She an accomplished actress, comedian, and singer, performing around the country with her longform improv teams (Hell on Wheels, Axis of Evil, and Apocalips) and also tours as a stand-up comedian. On TV, Shannon has appeared on Law and Order: SVU (Beth Myers), ABC Prime Time’s What Would You Do?, and Sesame Street. On stage, she’s appeared Off-Broadway in The New Hopeville Comics (Flo), and Funny as a Crutch. Shannon also developed and stars in her comedic web series on YouTube, Stare at Shannon.